Community club awards

Community club awards


A community club is a center where people from the same community and background gather up and discuss improving the condition of the society. Things like social awareness, public information, and other things covered in the community gathering are good.

Many friendship and bonding can happen at a community club; you get to meet people with the same background and interest of yours.  At a community club, you get to voice out your views and bring about a change in your community.

Some communities have excelled in their work and have been awarded awards for their exemplary achievement in bringing changes in the society. Some of the awards  given for Community Clubs are:

  • Clubs and Community Awards.
  • Ethnic and Community Center Academic Achievements Awards.
  • International Interior Design Association Awards.
  • Disability, welfare and Social Inclusion.
  • “Excellence in Design Award.”

Clubs and Community Awards:

The Clubs and Community awards that are given to organizations have an outstanding contribution to their community and are supporting the society. The organizations who give back to the communities need to be granted an award to make them feel appreciated and encouraged. These awards given to the community centers bases on their backgrounds are well known. Awards given for Arts and culture, Club in collaboration, Disability, welfare and Social Inclusion, Education, Emergency Services, Health and wellbeing, a heart of the community, Support of Armature Sport, Youth Leadership are also reputable.

Some of the finalist for the Clubs and community awards is:

  • Club Rivers
  • Bankstown Sports club.
  • Lightning Ridge Bowling Club.
  • Club Tree.
  • The Beach Club Collaroy.
  • Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club.
  • Cronulla Sutherland Leagues Club.
  • The Sutherland District Trade Union Club
  • Canada Bay Club
  • Blacktown Workers Club Group.
  • ClubsNSW Central Coast Regional Committee.
  • Glen Innes & District Services Club
  • NSW Harness Racing Club.

Ethnic and Community Center Academic Achievements Awards:

The award given by the Stanford University for the students who perform exceptionally well in their studies and are a role model for their juniors are so precious.  This award is mainly for the students who study at Stanford University, and each community formed by the students of the University is given an award based on their achievements.

International Interior Design Association Awards:

The International Interior Design Association Award granted to communities for exceptional Commercial interior designing, and the advancement in the area of internal development is commendable. The Cornell Community Center had received many awards for its excellence in interior design for a library, fitness center, pool, multipurpose hall for the youth.

Disability, welfare and Social Inclusion:

Disability, welfare and Social Inclusion award is given for dedicated community work for disabled or the disadvantaged groups. These include helping aged people, the disabled people and the people who require care.

Excellence in Design Award:

This Excellence in Design Award is given for excellence in the development of the design of various things. The award is given for people who have contributed for the constructions of a library, buildings, homes, etc. for people who require them the most.