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Lions District 4-C2 provides community services to six counties in northwestern California.  The District stretches from the Golden Gate to the Oregon border and east to the Sacramento River Delta, and comprises 55 individual Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs, with over 1500 members.  Lions Club members are both men and women, while Lioness Clubs are auxiliaries whose members are primarily women.  Leo Clubs are made up of high school students who work in the Community under the guidance of a sponsoring Lions Club.  So there are opportunities for everyone to participate in service to the Community through Lionism.

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Lions District 4-C2 has a dedicated and compassionate team of talented individuals who each bring a unique set of expertise and experience to the organization. Though everyone serves a different role, each person is committed to helping feed millions of people in need in the United States and around the world.

AtLions District 4-C2 we are committed to our mission. In order to help us fulfill that mission, we have gathered a team of committed professionals that represent excellence and integrity in their field and are driven by a passion to feed the world.

Individual Rights 90%
Domestic Issues 80%
Economic Issues 70%
Defense and International Issues 90%