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Communities are the heart of countries, states and nations.


Partnership with local governments, organizations, churches and business are crucial to the success of an outreach event.

Nutritious Meals

We implement appropriate sustainability programs based on the needs represented in each country.

Health Care

We were hosted by the local Lions Club. During the Mission the team distributed around 650 pairs of glasses.

Healthy Living

We create healthy living environments by teaching appropriate sanitation practices.


Volunteers are an important part of all community outreach events.

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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

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  • Lions District 4-C2 provides community services to six counties in northwestern California. The District stretches from the Golden Gate to the Oregon border and east to the Sacramento River Delta, and comprises 55 individual Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs, with over 1500 members. Lions Club members are both men and women, while Lioness Clubs are auxiliaries whose members are primarily women. Leo Clubs are made up of high school students who work in the Community under the guidance of a sponsoring Lions Club. So there are opportunities for everyone to participate in service to the Community through Lionism.

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    Welcome to Lions Clubs International - District 4-C2

    Lions District 4-C2 is a united act of compassion that helps families in desperate need. Local churches, businesses, community service and health organizations partner with us to provide guests with groceries, medical and dental screenings, prayer, haircuts, lunch, veteran services, music, a kids’ carnival, children’s shoes, job and career services, community services, family portraits and more — at no charge to guests. Approximately $1,000,000 worth of goods and services are provided to the 5,000-10,000 Guests of Honor who attend each event.

    Our Approach

    Event guests are treated as Guests of Honor at community outreaches events. Thousands attend to experience a poverty-free day filled with free food, services and hope.

    The heart and soul of every one of our Community Events is compassion. Many Guests of Honor are working families living in, or on the fringes, of poverty. The Community Event gives them a hand up during difficult times.

Take the opportunity to help the community

03 August 2017

We Are Dispensing Glasses

In August four Lions from our Club (Graham Forder, John Hammond, Dave Green and Bill Seawell) joined a Lions in Sight Mission to San Carlos Mexico. There were a total of four doctors and seven technicians. We were hosted by the local Lions Club. During the Mission the team distributed around 650 pairs of glasses.

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Community Club Management



A community club is also called a community center where some members of a community join and discuss the welfare of their community. Things like social awareness, public information, and other things covered in the community gathering.

Many friendship and bonding can happen at a community club; you get to meet people with the same background and interest of yours.  At a community club, you get to voice out your views and bring about a change in your community.


A community can be of different sizes, some clubs are big with lots of people, but other communities can be smaller with fewer people. The primary purpose of having a community is to discuss various things which happen in the community.  Most of the times, the communities consider correct things and bring about changes in their area.  But some clubs join and talk about various things but do not bring about any change or reform the local community. In some clubs, people who are jobless at home gather around and criticize the others who have a decent life.

There can also be so much misunderstanding in the community clubs. To control all misbehavior and cheap talk a community organization has to be managed properly. A group can be responsible for many things like handling money, implementing important tasks, convincing all the club members to come to a common ground, etc.  All these require proper managing; if you do not manage a club properly then everyone will start to behave in a way they like, and there will be no purpose for the organization.

The flowing are some of the points to make a note to manage the community clubs:

  • Assign a leader.
  • Club Meetings.
  • Club Membership.
  • Handling Budget.

Assign a leader:

A club without a leader is like a flock of sheep without a Sheppard.  The club members are open to share their opinions and discuss any point with the other club members, but when everyone wants to voice out their opinion, it may lead to chaos. One might be offended by another person’s comment, to avoid all this confusion we always need to elect a leader who can maintain decorum in the club.

Club meeting:

Organizing club meetings can help the members of the club to discuss the various things planned for the week or month can help the organization to be organized and prepared. Development of the club and other things like budgets for different activities can be sorted out in the meetings.

Club Membership:

Since most clubs are open for anyone to join, it will be best to have a group policy so that the number of users’ maintained and managed.

Handling Budget:

To implement various topics discussed in the club needs money. You need to plan out on how much to spend on each item which you are going to spend.  Sorting out money must be assigned to a person who can be in charge for all the money transactions that happen in the club.

Community club awards

Community club awards


A community club is a center where people from the same community and background gather up and discuss improving the condition of the society. Things like social awareness, public information, and other things covered in the community gathering are good.

Many friendship and bonding can happen at a community club; you get to meet people with the same background and interest of yours.  At a community club, you get to voice out your views and bring about a change in your community.

Some communities have excelled in their work and have been awarded awards for their exemplary achievement in bringing changes in the society. Some of the awards  given for Community Clubs are:

  • Clubs and Community Awards.
  • Ethnic and Community Center Academic Achievements Awards.
  • International Interior Design Association Awards.
  • Disability, welfare and Social Inclusion.
  • “Excellence in Design Award.”

Clubs and Community Awards:

The Clubs and Community awards that are given to organizations have an outstanding contribution to their community and are supporting the society. The organizations who give back to the communities need to be granted an award to make them feel appreciated and encouraged. These awards given to the community centers bases on their backgrounds are well known. Awards given for Arts and culture, Club in collaboration, Disability, welfare and Social Inclusion, Education, Emergency Services, Health and wellbeing, a heart of the community, Support of Armature Sport, Youth Leadership are also reputable.

Some of the finalist for the Clubs and community awards is:

  • Club Rivers
  • Bankstown Sports club.
  • Lightning Ridge Bowling Club.
  • Club Tree.
  • The Beach Club Collaroy.
  • Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club.
  • Cronulla Sutherland Leagues Club.
  • The Sutherland District Trade Union Club
  • Canada Bay Club
  • Blacktown Workers Club Group.
  • ClubsNSW Central Coast Regional Committee.
  • Glen Innes & District Services Club
  • NSW Harness Racing Club.

Ethnic and Community Center Academic Achievements Awards:

The award given by the Stanford University for the students who perform exceptionally well in their studies and are a role model for their juniors are so precious.  This award is mainly for the students who study at Stanford University, and each community formed by the students of the University is given an award based on their achievements.

International Interior Design Association Awards:

The International Interior Design Association Award granted to communities for exceptional Commercial interior designing, and the advancement in the area of internal development is commendable. The Cornell Community Center had received many awards for its excellence in interior design for a library, fitness center, pool, multipurpose hall for the youth.

Disability, welfare and Social Inclusion:

Disability, welfare and Social Inclusion award is given for dedicated community work for disabled or the disadvantaged groups. These include helping aged people, the disabled people and the people who require care.

Excellence in Design Award:

This Excellence in Design Award is given for excellence in the development of the design of various things. The award is given for people who have contributed for the constructions of a library, buildings, homes, etc. for people who require them the most.

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Women Empowerment

We encourage women around the world to realize their value and reach their potential through job training and education.

Rural Compassion

We resource, empower and partner with rural churches through training, mentoring and coaching so they can enhance their presence in, and help strengthen, their communities.

Childrens Feeding

Feeding children nutritious food opens doors to provide them and their families with education, clean water, job and agricultural training,  a sense of hope and much more.

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“We may not be able to change the choices people make, but we can definitely increase the choices that they have”